[Healeys] BJ8 back axle.

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I bought a pair also. I already had a plastic version fitted which I’d never really trusted not to fall out or self-destruct. The brass version screwed right in and could be tightened down with a spanner. I don’t recall the price except that it was negligible.


I wondered then, as I do now, why they’re sold in pairs. Do Land-Rovers use two?



Yes.  One for the front axle and the other for the rear axle.  

I purchased my two because they had two on the shelf.  I guess that is how they are normally sold.  That said, I could have bought just one if I wished.


Taking into account our New Zealand 15.0% GST and your 20% VAT I reckon yours should cost about  £10 each, or probably even less







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Adding to Harold’s photo of the brass breather on his rear axle, I’ve just purchased two more from a local Land-Rover dealer.

The part number is  515845     They are standard fitting on Landys from 1948–1984 and will last forever.

Cost:  NZ $19.00 each






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Here another photo with the breather in place. I used a brass Land Rover breather in place of the original plastic Healey breather. The breather has a British Tapered pipe thread.




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Here's a couple of photos.


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Might anyone please have a photo with measurements of the metal circular flange/guide (?) which is riveted or spot-welded to the rear of the axle casing?


As you can see, mine has gone walkabout and I would like a pop at making it myself.


Also, there is a hole drilled in the top of the axle casing quite near the diff housing unlike the authentic breather at the opposite end.  Should I weld the hole 

up or weld another breather in its place?


Thanks for any and all replies!



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