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Hello, Sarah,

I will try to find the page over the weekend.

But Carroll said basically something like this:  “Lucas electrics are NFG and I do not intended to discuss them any further”.


I’ve had a quick look this morning but cannot find it.  I’ll have a better look over the weekend.  If I find it I’ll scan the page and post it.


To be honest, I’ve been using Lucas electrics for 50 years and I’ve had no problems that weren’t created by ME, taking them for granted.  And even then, they were minor.




Ardmore, NZ


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Mark – Please tell us what the sentence said!!

Sarah Carr

BN1 in PA


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Smokey Yunick's book is pretty good, too (mostly for V8s, but plenty of good tips):


On 1/12/2021 8:11 PM, Mark Donaldson wrote:

A man after my own heart, Chris.  😊

 And there are also the three wonderful books by the late, great, Carroll Smith  . . .  Prepare to Win, Tune to Win, and Engineer to Win.

There is a whole chapter on Lucas electrics in one other them.  It comprises just one sentence.  😊



Ardmore, NZ


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In the World of A Series engines, the “Bible” is Vizards book. 

“Tuning the A Series Engine”

I’d recommend it wholeheartedly because most of the principles apply to B series and C Series BMC engines. 

I keep a copy beside my bed.

Mostly because I’m an insomniac. 


But also because when I have those things racing around in my mind at 3.00am, I can check the book....


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Is there a book out there on rebuilding BMC C-Series engines? Preferably, AH 3000 engines!

The book would hopefully show one what to look for, options regarding performance parts and modifications that needed to be done by specialists. ie, I don’t want to get near the end of some rebuild process and then be told that part number xyz needs to go off to the lab to be machined to the nearest nanowotsit and have platinum inserts installed. If you see what I mean!

Maybe something one stage up from “Engines for Dummies”……..

I have looked on Google and, so far, failed.

Yes, I’ve got the manuals.





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