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Good idea will buy a heat gun, to see if there is any differential.  By the way, last year the engine was rebuilt, radiator was boiled out and pressure tested not replaced because it had already additional capacity, always has 50/50 antifreeze in the cooling system etc.


Thanks for your comments will keep trying and driving with the top down without snow.


Bob Begani


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Go to Harbor Freight and purchase a heat gun (about $20) focus it on the head and also the radiator.  If the readings are different from you gauge on the facia, send that off to Nisonger as well.  If the gauge reads the same as the heat gun, you need to find out what's wrong with the cooling system.


Normal temp. is about 185 degrees F. My Healey has never gone above that, unless idling in traffic...then maybe 200.  A 7lb. pressure cap allow you to go to 219 before you boil...but that's too hot and you will soon be looking for replacing head gaskets or cracked heads.

Check that temp gauge, maybe clean the bulb in the radiator and adjust fan belt, but sounds like a flush, new thermostat, maybe a water pump, and antifreeze are in your future. Regards, Hank


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Bob, that seems terribly hot to me.  My BT7 often runs around 170 in regular summer weather but even on the hottest days never goes above 185.  No electric fan – just a bog standard cooling system, which is sufficient up here in Ontario.




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So over the summer I had the speedo rebuilt by Nisongers. It looks brand new and works.  First time in 15 years I have a speedo.  Although my algorithm of add 15 mph to the tack number gets you the approximate speed in 3rd gear over drive.  I am now trying to install the speedo permanently into the dash and having problems remembering the wiring.  As there are 2 wires with a circular ground connection, I should attach one to each holding spade? Has anyone got a picture or sketch of the back of the dash?


Also, I am trying to install Led lights. Which should I order from Moss?  The short ones? 


Also, when ordering some parts from British Car Specialists I was speaking with John and mentioned my overheating problems.  Besides the normal suggestions, He mentioned the radiator cap has to be for a long neck British radiator.  I when to my car and the radiator cap was a standard USA Stant, so I ordered the one he suggested.  Yes, it is ¼ inch longer than the stant and put it on the radiator and when for my 25 mile drive on Tamiami Trail and back.  The water gauge went right up to 212 and then to 230, but, settled down to 212 for the rest of the trip without operating the electric fan.  While driving at 30-40 through my neighborhood home with the fan on the temperature stayed a little over 212 degrees.  Hopefully, this temperature range with continue as I slowly get my Healey operating well enough for longer trips.




Bob Begani

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