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Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:16:13 MST 2021

Don't think we can diagnose the multimeter, but you should compare readings
amongst all the meters and see if they have the same reading on a known
electrical load.

Generally speaking if your hot rod is draining the battery, it's probably
because there's a grounding issue somewhere.  Easiest fix is to put an
isolation switch on the batter and just shut it off when you're not
driving.  This is good practice anyway.

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> Hello Listers,
> I am seeking to tap the knowledge of the list on this general auto matter.
> I bought a hot rod last year and from the get go I have had a battery
> drain.  If system is left on the batt will get too weak to start engine in
> a couple days or so.  Recently I have been chasing the problem in earnest.
> I did find one issue and resolved that with the hope that the drain was
> fixed. No.  Still there.
> So yesterday I began preparing for the standard search method - pulling
> fuses one at a time and noting the drop in amps running through the
> system.  However I needed a dependable multimeter.  I have 3 but do not
> trust the amperage reading on any of them.  I secured a known good meter
> today and here is what I am observing.
> The reading starts out reading a few tenths amp fluctuating wildly and
> then drops to almost 0 in 2-3 seconds.  This happens time after time.  What
> is going on here?  Why is the meter behaving this way?
> Any help much appreciated.
> Keith
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