[Healeys] Help with rally computer

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 06:46:02 MDT 2021


There are several rallye-specific sites on line and if you find and post to
one of the you'll no doubt get the help you seek.
Michael Salter may be of assistance.

On Sun, Aug 22, 2021 at 12:12 AM Bruce Steele <healeybruce at roadrunner.com>

> Hi, all.  I’m helping fellow Austin-Healey Assoc of So Cal member Lindsay
> Maine sort through boxes of parts collected by his father, Dick.  Among the
> flotsam and jetsam is this interesting rally mileage computer.  It looks
> too well engineered to be a home project, but so far I’ve not turned up
> anything in my online search that looks like it.  There is no brand nor
> clue as to who manufactured it.  The sending unit appears to mount to the
> speedometer with the cable take-off, and it operates a cammed wheel on
> which rides a lever switch, I presume controlling the current to advance
> the mileage meters.  The head unit has a central toggle switch of the
> ON-OFF-ON type, and presumably switches current between the mileage
> trackers.  The red buttons on the counters zero the readouts.  I don’t know
> the function of the black buttons, but they seem to be momentary switches.
> The head unit is illuminated by a fairly large center post light.  Can
> anyone offer any insights?
> Bruce Steele
> Brea, CA
> 1960 BN7
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