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Michael- I'm not finding anything with 13TPI. I assume you are
referring to part 1B3665 (#22 in GB diagram). The switch that goes in,
2H2272 was changed to 11G3062. Not sure if that part change was to UNF
or just from screw terminal to clips. If they kept the same thread
thru out production it must be some kind of British:
5/8 Whitworth 15.875MM 55degrees 5/8 BSF is 14TPI5/8 BSPF (British
Standard Pipe Parallel) 55degrees, 14TPI also called HSS5/8 BSC
(British Std. Cycle) fine thread5/8 BSTP (British Standard Taper) ?
By the way there is one for sale on ebay for $45. Regards, Hank

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  The inhibitor switch which is used in overdrive gearboxes has a
thread that I cannot identify. Measuring the outside diameter of the
thread I get 0.618" ... probably 5/8" (0.625) The TPI is 13 ...
definitely not 12 or 14. Can't find it in my limited resources ...
 Anyone able to identify this thread for me? 

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