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       Well, here’s a bafflement:  Why was the fresh-air control the only interior item that a DPO changed (except for the butchered front seats)?  The parcel shelf has two pairs of oval holes, one on each side (LHD/RHD use).  A rummage in the basement today turned up the straight bracket in my photo, tagged “Air vent bracket—is this original?  Hole should be D-shaped.”  And the pull is tagged, “Is bracket original?”  Now I know the answer to both questions is “NO.”   But it should be easy to fabricate a new bracket from photos of other cars, which show the (twisted) bracket on the left side of the shelf.
       One learns something every day from this List---
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My car was built 12/54, sn#222333.  Its fresh air knob/bracket is located just under the dash shelf, at the inboard curved corner corresponding to where the loose corners of upholstery are in your pic #4.
You never know with Healeys, esp early ones, but I think your bracket and cable were originally mounted there as well.  Are there any holes in your shelf for picking up the bracket?

Best--Michael Oritt
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