[Healeys] Westminster = Austin Healey 3000 engine?

Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Wed Oct 21 11:32:30 MDT 2020

It would appear to be from a 1959 Austin Westminster A99 or a 1961 A110 from the 29A in the engine number. Would also been attached to a central gear change gearbox with overdrive.

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I am on the lookout for an engine. Mine’s OK, touch wood but I fancy trying a rebuild. 
I saw this on eBay:-
Quite cheap at the moment. 
The vendor was a bit sparse with information. Initially there was just one photo; the ones with the numbers came after a query from me. Likewise, he didn’t/doesn’t say if the engine turns. It does, he says.
Now, the “29” makes it a 3litre and the “H” makes it a high compression. But what else? What am I missing? What can one tell from looking at the photos?
Any advice would be most welcome.

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