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Chris Dimmock austin.healey at gmail.com
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I too have the DWR pedals and the Paddy hopkirk on the accelerator 
The beauty of the DWR pedal pads is you can offset them, which I did, to alleviate the big foot issue, and to bring the brake closer to the accelerator for Heal / toe. 
I’ve just gone through the same exercise with my new project, the Austin A40 Farina. 
(Which was christened the “Austin Healey Sprite Shooting Brake” By Joe Armour)
I used cheaper generic brake and clutch pedal aluminium pads, and offset them. 
These brake and clutch pads bolt directly into the pedal. 
Again, offset. 


> On 20 Oct 2020, at 3:02 am, Simon Lachlan via Healeys <healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:
> Yes, indeed. Paddy Hopkirk for the accelerator. DWR for the other two.
> Yes, they meet your criteria re grip etcetc.
> And, yes, they look OK. But, who sees them anyhow?
> See attached.
> Simon
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> Listers,
> The rubber pads constantly fall off my pedals and then the pedals become slippery.   Does anyone make a non slip metal pedal replacement?  Something that is very grippy and does not require a rubber covering.
> Thanks,
> Fred Wescoe
> 66 BJ8
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