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In the BN3, while the pedals are positioned normally for a RHD 100 the footwell is just over two inches narrower than standard as the engine/footwell bulkhead has been moved to the right. Plus there is a two-inch timber extension on all three pedals. Accordingly the pedal rubbers are modified to suit and then glued using contact cement and I wear very narrow shoes while driving.


Hoo Roo


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Fred, I attach the rubber pads with 3M contact cement.  I can’t say that they have only been glued in place once, but the contact cement does the job for a good long time if the surfaces are cleaned well.

If one wanted to dispose of the rubber pads and paint on a rubber replacement, maybe the “Flex Seal” paste advertised on TV would work.  Don’t know if the paste comes in a color other than white, but the spray-on stuff can be black.  


Steve Byers


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The rubber pads constantly fall off my pedals and then the pedals become slippery.   Does anyone make a non slip metal pedal replacement?  Something that is very grippy and does not require a rubber covering.




Fred Wescoe


66 BJ8



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