[Healeys] A rusty mess with a VIN #

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 5 20:46:46 MDT 2020

A BN2 recently sold in Winnipeg, with basically very similar rust and damage, for around 1/3 the price that this guy is asking. To be done in ONE winter, like the seller suggests, you would need to live quite far up north , just sayin..........


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It may be rusty, but looks workable to me. Mine had much more frame and panel damage..and I fixed it all..it's just a bit of a challenge


Longbridge BN4

On 2020-10-04 20:37, Richard Collins wrote:
>From a friend out east;
FYI only

Richard of KY
BN7 #440


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