[Healeys] Archives

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Sat Oct 3 12:33:29 MDT 2020

Each and every real time message has the link


at the bottom of the message.  So does each and every digest message.  
You go to that link.  You look in the left hand column for 'Healeys'.  
You click on that link.  You should see a box labeled "Search String"  
You type in what you are trying to find. Typing in headlamp got 112 
hits.  This was on October 3rd, 12:25 MDT.

The system is not perfect.  It is a mash up of older, unsupported, no 
longer maintained software ( MHarc, Namazu ) that can easily break at 
any time with any attempt to update basic system software like perl.  
For example, the server is running Fedora 29, the current version is 32, 
with a recent 33 beta release.  I try to apply the appropriate bailing 
wire and bubblegum as best I can to keep what little works still working.

The pipermail archives are part of Mailman 2.xx which is the current 
mailing list management software, and does not have search capabilities.


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