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Adjusting Headlamps The following is how I've always set headlamps on LHD car driving on the right side of the road here in North America. Many years ago my Dad went along with me to show me how to aim the headlamps on my old '61 MGA. We went out onto a quiet straight flat stretch of country road at night and stopped on the road in the normal lane position of travel (making sure it was a place where there would be no other traffic). With headlamp rings already removed and adjusters accessible, we first placed my jacket over the left headlamp and proceeded to aim the right lamp so the beam was about 30 ft. ahead and clearly defining the edge of the pavement and the shoulder. I was told that this is important when having to find the edge of the road in bad conditions such as fog, snow and so on. Then we proceeded to cover the right lamp and aim the left. This was set about straight ahead and much further out, about 80 ft. or so, and being careful that it did not shine to the left to impair oncoming drivers. This has the lamps working as a team, curbside one to always clearly light the right edge of the road and onto the shoulder somewhat, while the left showed up the distance. A double check was done by checking the high beam to make sure the left (distance) lamp still did not shine too high and be useless or too far to the oncoming lane. It's always worked well for me. Rich Chrysler

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Friends, hate to appear a dunce after all the years I have subscribed to the list, but can someone enlighten me on how to search the Archives?  When I click on the archive link, I just get a table listing all the posts by month back to 2007, but cannot figure out how to search them.

BTW, I am searching for a post by Rich Chrysler many years ago on a simple way to aim headlights correctly.

Cheers,  MIrek

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