[Healeys] Fuel pump

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Fri Oct 2 11:12:36 MDT 2020

You can still buy single sticers though, like the one shown. Earlier 
tape had a darker colour blue. The pump is a later Burlen SU replica 
which differs quite a bit from the original. This pump may be an AZX1307 
for an MGB instead of an AZX 1308 (original AUF30..). The diaphragm is 
of the later single layer type.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 2-10-2020 om 18:36 schreef Simon Lachlan via Healeys:
> Pump looks great.
> When I last ordered something (points?) from Burlen, I asked for a 
> reel of their distinctive yellow/blue SU tape. The guy said that they 
> didn’t sell it anymore as people were buying it, putting it on SU 
> lookalikes and flogging them on eBay!
> Simon
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> Listers,
> Several weeks ago I related that my fuel pump died in the middle of 
> nowhere and AAA flat bedded my car home.
> There were many helpful ideas from the list but eventually the pump 
> was sent off to Tom Ball to be rebuilt.  Tom called me and said there 
> were several "burned" items in the pump, in addition to the points 
> that needed replacement.  Tom rebuilt the pump and ran it on his test 
> stand before returning it to me.
> I have attached a photo of the pump that I just received from Tom.  
> What a great looking pump after what I sent him for repair.  I am 
> impressed with the work.  I will reinstall the pump, and my backup 
> pump, this weekend.
> Again, thanks for all the thoughts and help from the list.  I have no 
> financial interest in Tom's work but I am impressed.
> Fred
> 66 BJ8
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