[Healeys] Number of Center-change BN7s

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Picture this around 1961-1962...boom times for BMC...there is a huge
rack of engines and transmissions just adjacent to the production line
at Abingdon. The cars are coming down the rail and they expect to do
maybe 30 cars that day. The design/engineering department has just
introduced a revised centre change gearbox and they are in production
now. A truck is unloading them and stacking them on the shelves.
Due to the frugal attitude of BMC, all existing parts must be used up
before any new items can be introduced into production. So as the line
progressed the side shifter box inventory is exhausted and now the
centre shift is being installed...opps, one guy just located another
side shifter-stick in the next car coming down the line. Get it out
the door...
My take on the "records", Hank

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 It has been my understanding that BN7 / BT7 was overlapped with the
start of 
 BJ7 production.

 I am looking at Clausagers book on page 89, which gives beginning and
 VIN #s (and dates) for all 3000's. Assuming that this table is
 this is exactly why it is next to impossible to determine the number
of top 
 shift BN7's - because of the undetermined number of BJ7's
interspersed. As 
 Steve says, it would take someone to go through all of the individual

 production records during that period to get a more-or-less accurate

 I recall (from many, many years ago) that a couple of knowledgeable
 guru's best estimates of top shift BN7's was somewhere between 120
and 140 
 of the total 355 built.

 Earl Kagna
 Victoria, B.C.
 BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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 Matches Clausager's book:

 home export export NA
 1961 25 2 53 134
 1962 9 3 4 125
 Total 34 5 57 259


 Bob Haskell
 Austin Healey 3000 BN7/BT7 registrar

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