[Healeys] Number of Center-change BN7s

Richard Collins gonnagitcha90 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 21 09:58:00 MDT 2020

I recall back in the late fifties and early 60’s when I worked for Ed Bussey and BMC in south Florida
the intro of 4 seaters and roll up windows were claimed to be the end of the true sports car era !
Richard C
BN7 #440 (center shift wO/D ...now)

On Jun 21, 2020, at 10:44, Robert Begani <rfbegani at gmail.com> wrote:

My two kids fit very nicely in my BJ8 30 plus years ago.  And, their children fit nicely in it a few years ago.  My they do grow out of clothes and the back seat of a Healey.

Bob Begani

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My observation is that the 2-seat roadsters have gained popularity--hence value--now that very few Healeys are used as daily drivers.  This because they are considered the 'pure' sports cars (often shilled as such on auction and dealer ads). The backseat in my BJ8 rarely gets used for anything except as a luggage tray.

On 6/21/2020 4:18 AM, HealeyRick wrote:
Thanks to all who contributed to trying to solve another Healey unsolved mystery.  Funny how we look back on the early iterations of the marque as being preferred when so often they were discontinued because of lack of sales.  Look at the bugeye/frogeye for instance.  The +2 cars became popular as growing families needed "room for the tads" as one Healey advert said.  And at a time when Heleys were not just weekend cars but the sole means of transport of lots of young people it would be hard to compete with the MGB and TR4 without roll-up windows and a convertible top.  But rarity now rules.  His the BN7 that started my question, certainly more value than a BT7:   https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/es20/the-european-sale-featuring-the-petitjean-collection/lots/r0061-1961-austin-healey-3000-mk-ii-bn7/856437

Healthy Healeying,
Rick Neville

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 3:18 PM Jean Caron <vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com<mailto:vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com>> wrote:
Exactly, they were no longer selling, thus the low number. Somehow, at some point, someone mentioned how few were made, and for some reason beyond common sense,  these cars became sought after.


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