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I would make a guess that 16610 was produced in Dec 1961 with a center shift gearbox, fuel pump on left side of car, later water pump, tri carb setup, vertical grill slats, not a convertible, therefore not a BJ8. Something is amiss…

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This talk of BN7s reminds me…
I bought a copy of the 100/6 & 3000 Haynes second hand in 2000. From the US. They were hard to find over here in those days. Paperback version.
Looking at it now, I see that there’s a rather nice sketch on the front cover of an interesting looking BJ8 with a tricarb engine. Hardly an auspicious indication of the accuracy to be expected therein….

The inside cover is inscribed:
Engine  29E/RU/H3146
Car        HBT7 L 16610
Anyone we know?
(If I’ve copied it down wrong/the numbers don’t make sense, the guy’s “6”s were pretty ropey).

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