[Healeys] Angle drive screw

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IIRC, the 6-cyl drivers aren't terribly expensive, but last I checked 
the 4-cyl drives were a couple hundred bucks. My dad and I spent a 
weekend rebuilding one; works great with a rebuilt speedo. Now, if I 
could only get the tach to behave.

On 7/22/2020 1:16 PM, Perry via Healeys wrote:
> Steve/Listers
> When we left Hawaii nearly ten years ago, I went through a purge of 
> used damaged parts or parts that were not worth the effort. At that 
> time I had a box of used angle drives, probably 20-25, maybe more and 
> not one was usable. Either the cover plate was missing, the gears were 
> chewed up or some other self destruction issue. There were a lot of 
> the units that were totally dry inside. Even had on that looked like 
> it had melted. I never figured that one out.
> The best of the bits were gathered up and the rest were tossed.  As it 
> turned out there was lots of room in the shipping containers and those 
> little parts would have fit easily. Still shipped 19,000 pounds of 
> parts including a hundred shock cores and other seemingly eternal 
> Austin Healey parts like brake drums, a monumental amount of brake 
> shoes and many suspension bits, but that is a different story.
> Perhaps at what ever interval the gearbox/OD cover is removed for any 
> maintenance that it would be a good idea to squeeze a little bit of 
> grease into the unit. I guess it would be good to lube your speedo 
> cable at the same time. Don’t overdo it as too much grease will 
> produce a negative outcome. 😊
> P
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> Since the location of the screw on the angle drives for BJ7s and BJ8s 
> makes it quite an operation to use it for lubrication purposes, I 
> conclude that the screw is just there for when the same drive is used 
> on other vehicles with better access.    I bet very few BJ7/BJ8 owners 
> have ever lubricated the angle drive, so it must not be critical.
> Thanks to all for the responses.
> Steve Byers
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> Same kind of lube point screw in OEM gear reduction drives for Bugeye 
> speedos.  Just like everything else on these cars, you can't hurt it 
> by lubing the crap out of anything that moves.
> Mike MacLean
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