[Healeys] Angle drive screw

Max Byers sbyers at ec.rr.com
Wed Jul 22 12:11:43 MDT 2020

Since the location of the screw on the angle drives for BJ7s and BJ8s makes it quite an operation to use it for lubrication purposes, I conclude that the screw is just there for when the same drive is used on other vehicles with better access.    I bet very few BJ7/BJ8 owners have ever lubricated the angle drive, so it must not be critical.


Thanks to all for the responses.


Steve Byers


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Same kind of lube point screw in OEM gear reduction drives for Bugeye speedos.  Just like everything else on these cars, you can't hurt it by lubing the crap out of anything that moves.

Mike MacLean

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