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These two 100 coupes were featured in Bill Emerson's book: "The Healey
Book" pgs. 106 &108. Bill gives a good brief history of their
development. As mentioned it was designed by Coker (sketch K1 110) at
Donald's request ("to do a coupe version") (X220 & 221) and finished
at Dick Gallimore's shop to Donald's specs.
You can also find a good article in "Austin-Healey Magazine" about the
restored version of OAC1-the blue car. ONX113 (chassis #142615) was
the red coupe and Donald's personal ride.
Both bodies were assembled onto BN1 chassis at Jensen in 1953 but the
second car was not collected from Jensen inventory, and not finished
until 1955. It sat in Jensen's inventory as "prototype body" until
finally billed out later. I have the Jensen financial records, dated,
from 100 production showing the 1953 production and the two coupe
prototypes on the books and what month they shipped out of inventory.
Perry, what you need is specifications from Jensen (not Austin or
Warwick) as they molded the body to the chassis and added the various
body components.
A great source of Jensen factory records is Richard Calver. His book:
"Jensen-All the models" covers every body shipped out of the Carters'
Green and Kelvin Way plants. You can find the story of the two coupes
on pg 186 of his book. In his book, you will also note the similarity
of the coupe to the Jensen 541 of its time. Richard had access to all
of Jensen's files. He may have some of the original drawings and
records of where the components came from. Regards, Hank,

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	More to my post from yesterday. Thanks to some very close up photos
of DMH’s personal coupe widow trim and windows, it seems apparent
that the car was not a collection of production parts used or modified
to fit the design but coach built one off parts as some others
thought. With that the newer version of a 100 coupe will probably
follow suite. Come up with a design, hash out the details and then
attempt to make the design a reality. 

	If anyone has more info on the topic that you would care to share
with me it can be done of the list.



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