[Healeys] BJ8 hood straps

skip saunders tfsbj7 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 09:44:59 MDT 2020

We are nearing completion of Glady's restoration.  Gladys is a 1967 BJ8.  We
were forced into the restoration when a bunch of mice overran her while she
was spending the winter in a trailer.  The top was one of the most severely
damaged  parts of the car.   So much damage that I  had to discard the
material associated with the top (the odor was outrageous).   Unfortunately
I didn't take a picture of the top remains and I am now unsure of the
placement of the grey straps that set the spacing for the frame pieces of
the top.   


I have found a reference that describes the distances between each of the
frame pieces, but I am not sure of which frame pieces have strapping between
them.   I know straps go from the front piece (at top of windshield) to the
second frame piece.  And, I know the straping continues to the third frame
piece (where a clamping piece secures the strap to that piece.  However, I
can't remember whether, or not, the strap continues to the back piece
secured to the top over the rear plastic window.


Can anyone tell me how to route the straps?  (or post a picture?).





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