[Healeys] HS4 Tri-carb tuning

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I just performed the piston lift pin test on my tri-carbs. FYI, I have 3 SU HS6 carbs & an mid-aggressive cam. I cannot recall the specs. About a 9.5:1 compression & run premium pump gas. To keep my engine running (idling) at stop lights I need to set the idle at 1000rpm. It will drop to 600-800rpm when I depress the clutch.It is 93degrees here today when I performed the lift test. All three carbs performed similarly. With the piston lifted the rpm dropped & the engine ran rougher but did not die. But each time it was on the verge of dying. After releasing the lift pin the rpm did not return to 1000, until I cleared the carbs by revving the engine. My carbs have a stock balance pipe. I understand that there were 2 different original balance pipes. I believe mine is the later style.I hope this is some help.Gary

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Subject: Re: [Healeys] HS4 Tri-carb tuning  John, Are all 3 carb interconnecting throttle linkages disconnected during all the tuning steps? I have never seen this test before in any literature, so I have never tried the test on my tri-carb setup. I will give it a try later today & let you know what I find.If your 3 carbs all perform the same on all the other tests, I think they will perform correctly together. I am assuming you have confirmed that all 3 carbs have the same needle. Also, when you say the "piston is lifted all the way up" you are referring to lifting the piston by the pin, (approximately 1/2" pin travel), not by literally lifting the piston all the way up.Gary Hodson

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