[Healeys] Carb tuning kit WAS: HS4 Tri-carb tuning

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My wrench is steel. The brass jet adjusting nut on the new carbs is bigger than the old ones so I had to file the wrench open to fit. S.U Burlen does not tell you this when you order new carbs and they don’t include a wrench. Also, I did not notice they put the vacuum take-off on the center carb instead of the rear carb until I installed them. There were also some factory assembly issues with the throttle shaft nuts and other bits that affected the length of the throttle shafts. I worked all of it out but it was a little irritating.




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Hate it when that happens. I think they're aluminium, so you can't fetch them with a magnetic pick-up tool.

On 7/7/2020 8:52 AM, Michael Salter wrote:

And be very careful not to drop the little wrench down inside the front suspension strut like I did yesterday 😠


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I don't have mine handy, but from memory:

The two black plastic rod-looking things go into the center of the vacuum pistons. In those go the 90-deg bent wires. With these you can see the pistons rise and fall, so as to even airflow. They also allow ballpark 1/32 piston lifts to check mixture.

The small brass plug-looking thing is a jet-centering tool that goes in place of a jet; very handy if you're doing a complete overhaul and replacing the jets.

By far the most useful tool is the small wrench that looks like the tool some people use to floss; it's the only way I can get to the jet adjusting nuts on my BN2. Any other tool--wrench, pliers, etc.--would be almost impossible to use with the carbs on the car.

All in all, a simple but useful collection of tools. Did I miss any?


On 7/7/2020 4:41 AM, Tom via Healeys wrote:


I've always wondered:   what do each of those little tools in the tuning kit do?


- Tom



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