[Healeys] HS4 Tri-carb tuning

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Because the air flow is lost over the jet bridge and that carb goes lean. When "correct" the engine should momentarily increase rooms then go lean and stumble/stall.

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Do you have a Colortune?

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Bob, raising the piston 1/32” is not my issue. I am wondering why the engine stalls when the center carb piston is lifted all the way up and the others don’t stall the engine when lifted all the way up. I sent another post with a link for that. The carbs are well synced, I used the S.U tuning kit to check the piston lift and they are spot on.


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After much effort and consideration, I decided there must be some Brits who wrote that 'procedure' laughing their asses off knowing there is no practical* way to lift the pistons exactly 1/32"

* But you can, if you have the little wire thingies in the poor man's tuning kit--actually quite useful--stick the wire thingies in the piston and gauge the piston rise; the wires themselves are pretty close to 1/32" thick

On 7/6/2020 3:39 PM, John Spaur via Healeys wrote:

I installed three brand new HS4 carbs on my BT7 this weekend. They seem to work really well with no load and light load on some very short test drives. The jet adjusting nuts are very close to what the old ones were set to. One of the tests is to lift the piston with the lifting pin as far as you can. That is supposed to stall the engine. However, this only works on the center carb. When I test the front and rear, it just slows the engine down a bit. What have others found when they do this test? BTW, I can hardly tell a difference in the engine speed when I lift the pistons 1/32”.





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