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You've caught the disease. I GUARANTEE you will check out the hose cuts 
every time you look at a restoration.

Those 'anvil' cutters are actually the fastest/easiest, at least for 
manual operations. With shears, scissors, knives, whatever you'll end up 
hacking at the hose. Those cutters are like little guillotines.


On 7/4/2020 11:52 PM, John Spaur wrote:
> Bob,
> I wonder what Healey “factory” cut hoses look like. I have one that I 
> should search for in the garage. Clean cuts probably equal lost 
> concours points. Hahaha.
> John
> ’62 BT7
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> Agree wholeheartedly!
> As an aside, these tools will make a perfectly square and clean cut on 
> heater and other hoses. I've seen 6-figure restorations with jagged 
> cuts on hoses, and I can't 'unsee' them.

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