[Healeys] HD8 dashpot damper part #s

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“...just a cap with no damper???”
Maybe that means you could buy a replacement for a damaged cap without replacing the whole assembly.
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I checked the SU Reference Cat from 12/03 and it lists AUC8112 for all HD8 in BJ8 cars. Just as an aside other HD8 carbs (with dif. part #s) use different dampers; and, some SU carbs (not HD8s) use only a cap with no damper??? How does that work?
Ben Cohen
BN1, BN7 & BJ8

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Subject: [Healeys] HD8 dashpot damper part #s

I have 3 sets of HD8 carburetors all with different dashpot dampers.  AUC8112, AUC8114 and AUC8115.  What is the correct damper for a BJ8?
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