[Healeys] Gas Tanks

R F BEGANI rfbegani at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 21:45:38 MST 2020

I bought one 2 years ago . I was an exact duplicate of the old one in my   bj8.

Bob Begani 

On January 27, 2020, at 8:40 PM, Don via Healeys <healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:

Does anybody have any experience with Moss gas tanks ? They are showing one for 3000s for $178. Crazy cheap . I called about them and they said they have sold around 70 of them . With no problems . I thought I remembered a while ago people talking about the fittings for the outgoing fuel lines not matching up with the fuel lines . They are in stock and ready for shipping . It’s for a BJ-7 
      Thanks , Don 
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