[Healeys] Steering Box Questions

Roger Grace roggrace at telus.net
Sat Jan 25 12:18:09 MST 2020

Two questions for the more experienced among us ...

My BJ8 steering box is leaking. From the front cover and more significantly from the shaft.

Firstly, is it possible to replace the shaft oil seal without removing the box ? - that is not going to happen at the moment.
Looks sort of feasible to me and possibly the most difficult issue would be extracting the old seal ?

Secondly as often mentioned here is to refill the box with some Penrite or similar NGLI 00 liquid grease. Is there a sensible/practical tecnique to get it into the filler hole ?. Grease gun with plastic tube ? Sounds messy job to me.
Comments/ideas appreciated.rg
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