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Thank you Gary


I see that Spal makes both straight and curved bladed fans.


Another thing I need to consider is the 1948 Lucas electrical circuitry and whether it will cope with anything else.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn


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There are many things that affect the selection of the blade design besides efficiency. Such as, strength, cost of manufacturing, noise generation, desired CFM at a specific resistance, (pressure drop), marketability to name a few.  


I have a "Spal" brand of fan. Because it appeared to be high quality, was thin enough to fit in front of my radiator & produced a relatively high CFM at about .25" pressure drop.

Gary Hodson

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Once again I am about to investigate the engine cooling of the Healey Duncan. Nothing highly unusual with it in that it’s a Riley 2.4 litre engine and unpressurised.


Part of the process is to replace the existing Kenlowe electric fan with a more modern unit. The Kenlow sits over an inch from the radiator surface while a modern unit should only be a few millimetres. Of course it was never fitted with an electric fan when new, but it’s simply not coping with the warmer Australian climate.


I will be doing all sorts of wonderful things like removing the cylinder head to replace the cooling tube between number two and three combustion chamber, refurbishing the radiator, rodding the block etc etc.


The question that’s on my mind concerns whether to install an electric fan with curved or straight blades. Australian manufacturer Davies Craig says that straight blades are best, but they would say that as that’s what they make.


Anyone undertaken any research as to what’s the most efficient?


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

Where it’s raining again - wonderful

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