[Healeys] Knock off wenches

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A knockoff wench. A necessity for every boot...

Bill Lawrence
BN1 #554
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I suppose that you’ve all got these pictures?

May not be in “the best possible taste*” but relevant to current discussion?...

*Kenny Everett RIP.


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On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 10:09:16 PM CST, Mirek Sharp <m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca<mailto:m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca>> wrote:

"Somewhere I saw a picture of a mechanic hammering a knock-off on a centre-lock wheel on a front-engined formula 1 car (in my mind’s eye I see a Maserati), and he had a massive hammer, not the dinky Thor we have in our too kits, and he was wailing on it.  I am not suggesting we do that; it was a race car and all the parameters are different, but it did suggest to me that we don’t need to be gentle."

I was at a race last year (IMSA LMP3) the mechanic was tightening the octagon knock-offs with a torque wrench to 250 ft/lbs.  I questioned him and he does it at the start of ewach race weekend to ensure that his air tool is properly adjusted to the correct setting.  Yes, it was a race car but 250 lbs and they self tighen as they are driven?


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