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Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Tue Jan 21 16:50:50 MST 2020

One other bit of info that may keep the big hammer away from those shiny knockoffs. The design of the hub and knockoff is to be self tightening when things are assembled correctly. That assumes that you don’t drive your Healey in reverse at crazy speeds, with panic stops. 

A shop in UK, that’s been in the business of wire wheels for  nearly a century, posted the following info:
• A spinner should be fitted with the wheel jacked up off the ground so that the hub, wheel and spinner are all centralized.
• Apply the spinner by hand and tighten 3 to 3½ turns (may vary with model); give the spinner a couple of taps with the hammer; lower the wheel to the ground and give the spinner a couple more taps.
• As long as the hubs are fitted correctly then the spinners will self-tighten and lock as the car is driving.
• If you hammer the spinners too enthusiastically then you will deform the thread of the spinner and the hub and they are more likely to work loose.
• Over-tightening also means that if you ever need to replace either the hub or spinner then you will also need to replace the other part as the deformed thread of the old part will not fit with the new thread.
• If your spinners keep coming loose then it is probably because the hubs have been fitted on the wrong side. For example, the left hub goes on the left-hand side of the car as you sit in it, not on the left as you look at it from the front.

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