[Healeys] Knock off wrenches

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The wooden one eventually breaks when you most need it. I use the long handle one to move the car in winter to prevent the tire from getting flat spots on the tires.  Six to ten inches is good.

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I’ll let the mechanical engineers out there calculate the actual “torque” applied by the hammer or the wrench but I suspect the this tool was designed to accomplish the task, that being, torquing the nut to the hub. Use a hammer and the moment arm is about 2.5 inches. With the wrench (no hammer involved)  it is 25 inches. If you are concerned about the wrench scratching the knock off, place a towel or shop rag over the knock off ears, slide the wrench over the towel and remove or tighten the knock off. With the towel in place there is about zero chance of the wrench slipping off. Just make sure both ears and engaged in the wrench.

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