[Healeys] Knock off wrenches

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I have the hexagon knock offs on my late production BJ-8 . I bought the metal British Wheel Wrench 40 years ago and love it . I always worried about swinging a 10lb lead hammer so close to the fenders .  Now the only time I use a hammer is to persuade my starter to continue on , when it refuses to work , I’m thinking a new gear reduction starter . 

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> On Jan 21, 2020, at 10:40 AM, simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com wrote:
> The first one looks lethal. Seems like it would scratch and gouge. And the price!
> Second one is OK. You could save yourself about $29:00 and make one yourself. Make a pattern with stiff cardboard. Transfer the pattern to two or three bits of ply, depending on which ply you’ve got to hand. Cut them out, erring slightly on the small side. Glue them together with, say, a decent PVA glue. Clamp it up for a while. Tidy it up with a sander and adjust for fit.
> I did that. Worked fine. I never use it! Prefer my old nylon/rubber Thor per:-
> eBay item number: 352392763651
> I’ve white nylon on one side & black rubber on the other. Got it for my first Healey, so I’ve had it about 48 years. Get spinner moving with the nylon & get it off with the rubber.                                                                                                                
> You need the hammer to hit the wood and, if the hammer is not too harsh with which to hit the spinner, why bother with the wood?
> Simon
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> Are either of these two items useful?    From the Moss catalog:
> Long Handle Knock-off Wrench
> https://mossmotors.com/long-handle-knock-off-wrench-eared-knock-offs
> Protective Knock-off Wrenches
> https://mossmotors.com/protective-knock-off-wrenches
> - Tom
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