[Healeys] Front Brake Pads and Rotors

jim ab7vf at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 18:55:37 MST 2020

 Before you go to too much fuss and bother ...
I would try "re-compressing" the pads ..(like you did when you removed the old ones) ..
all calipers that I've torn apart have a "square O-ring" on the caliper piston ..when the piston moves due to hydrolic pressure on the backside, this square o-ring deforms ..sliding against the caliper bore...when the ,pressure is removed, the o-ring  returns  to normal square shape ...this pull the piston back into the bore,...giving floating clearance between the pads and the rotor...If the piston was not fully retracted into the caliper bore, MAYBE this o-ring is not being deformed enough 

How much gap did you have on the new pads when you installed them?  should have been an easy/sloppy fit

   On Thursday, January 16, 2020, 9:23:49 PM UTC, R. Lindsay <050.rpl at gmail.com> wrote:  
 I recently changed and repacked my front bearings and installed new pads. I used Bosch brake pads which I think must be slightly thicker. When I test drove the car I could tell that the pads were very slightly engaged. I presume this will go away with time but wonder if I’m causing damage.

The bigger issue is that when I drive straight away there seems to be a slight metallic rubbing sound.  When I put the car on jack stands and turn the wheels by hand, there is a slight rubbing if I move the tires as if the car is moving forward but find it extremely hard to turn the tires by hand in the direction they would turn if backing up. 

Also, when I make a turn, the slight sound becomes very pronounced and “rattle like.”  I think something may be rubbing against the dust covers. When I spun the tires before putting the wheels on I could hear the same sound. Could the disk be warped and or the dust cover bent?  I eyed the disc and it doesn’t seem to wobble but then the brake shoes may be keeping it in line. Can the dust cover be straightened (or bent away from the rotor) or do I need to buy new parts?

If the suggestion is to replace the rotors, should I go for the $200 drilled/slotted rotors or spend $58 for the standard version?  (I do not drive the car hard or race it.)

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8

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