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Many years ago, a friend had an MGB.  The trafficator lever was a little balky, so we sprayed some contact cleaner into it and the radio quit working.  Then the panel light dimmer let smoke out.  


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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In an earlier post to another list (MGs) I told how my tach in my 69 GT would die when the headlights were turned on.  Someone mentioned that the tach was looking for a ground through the light wiring for the instrument.  That turned out to be true, somewhat.  To test this I pulled the instrument to inspect the wiring and found what you see in the picture.  One arrow points to the ground connection on the back of the case and the other arrow points to a common ground just floating around behind the instrument.  For an experiment I slipped the ground wire connector over the threaded mouting stud of the case back and shoved the tach back into place temporarily to find out about the missing ground theory.  It worked!  You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?  The light had not illuminated the instrument before either, so after scraping and sanding the bulb hlder and the tube fitting on the back of the tach that the bulb shoves into, the light worked too, but wait there's more!  After this hollow victory I had to use the horn on the test drive.  Now the horn does not work, but when I push on the steering wheel stalk to activate the horn, the brake warning light comes on.  I just love electrical problems.  Not in my element here.  Any ideas?

Mike MacLean


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