[Healeys] Over heating and adding additional core tubes to theexisting radiator

Roger Grace roggrace at telus.net
Tue Jan 14 16:52:52 MST 2020

Just a thought ...
Our cars all run hotter when idling and consequent reduced airflow.
However both fan airflow and water flow are proportional to speed.
So at 750 RPM idle compared to say 1500 RPM the air flow (engine driven fan) and coolant flow is reduced by a factor of 2.
So increasing just the airfow with constant speed E fans has somewhat limited effect.
It had minor improvement for me in traffic.
I then installed an electric water pump to compensate for the reduced coolant flow at idling.
Works really well in conjuction with an E fan
The E pump is almost invisible in the engine compartment - you have to really look for it. It is installed in line in the bottom hose.
Both are controlled from a single switch under the dash - via a relay. BTW I have a natural dislike for thermostats but that would work too. 
So whenever the engine is really up to temp (sustained run) and am approaching traffic I switch them both on.Works fine and relaible so far - but now do keep a spare bottom hose in my trunk.rg
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I'm sure you'll hear you should definitely NOT wrap the exhaust system with lagging as it will cause its early demise due to rust.  I was told that 18 years ago and didn't listen--my steel headers are still intact.   

Best--Michael Oritt
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I am jumping in on this subject a bit late, so I do not know if Bob has a thermostat that incorporates a moving sleeve for the bypass or not. Either that type of thermostat or a fixed blanking sleeve for the bypass would be essential for this climate. Or any climate for that matter.  -----Original Message-----
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Subject: Re: [Healeys] Over heating and adding additional core tubes to theexisting radiatorI agree with you, however, this is south Florida where a cool winter day is today, where the temperature is currently 79 degrees and rising to a high of 83 degrees with a se wind at 7 mph.  Great for a day sail on the Harbor which I will do in the next hour.  However, it does make driving a hot car fun. There is not enough cooling capacity in the stock radiator to handle hot climates and have to stop and go because the temperature does not go down only up.  So the next step is to re-core the radiator.  The local radiator guy knows the problem and for $500 will provide new core using the old tanks which will give at least 50% more cooling capacity.  This is a SKI purchase.  Spend the Kids Inheritance.  Then I will think about wrapping the exhaust manifolds and headers to stop vapor lock.  What do you think about Push and Pull?  Take off the engine fan?  By the way, I know the engine machine shop boiled out, oil bathed, everything in the engine during his machining of the engine to bring it up to specifications.  He knows what to do.  The only modification is the 20 over pistons.    Why do other Healey’s with a stock radiator not have this problem, who knows?  Bob   From: Perry <healeyguy at aol.com> Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 11:47 AMTo: Robert Begani <rfbegani at gmail.com>Subject: RE: [Healeys] Over heating and adding additional core tubes to theexisting radiator BobWith the extras that you have added to facilitate the airflow the car should be running much cooler than 212, even with a stock radiator. There is something else amiss in the equation.Perry Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Robert BeganiSent: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 11:23 AMTo: 'Perry'Subject: RE: [Healeys] Over heating and adding additional core tubes to theexisting radiator Hi Perry:  I do not remember the CFM, however, it is the Hayden Fan offered by Moss with the largest diameter to fit the radiator.  As a pusher it really pushes air through the engine compartment at low speeds and standing still. I still have an original Texas 6 blade fan on the engine.  As I was searching overheating problems, one reference indicated that is not recommended as they act against each other.  Bob 

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