[Healeys] Over heating and adding additional core tubes to the existing radiator

Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 16:36:13 MST 2020



I have added a electric push fan to the radiator and a shovel or deflector
to direct the flow of the air to the engine.  It works to keep the coolant
temperature at or below 212 degrees when driving down the road at 2000 to
4000 rpms.  However, the coolant temperature will rise if you drive slower
or stop and go. While I believe there is nothing wrong with the radiator, I
believe it needs more cooling capacity.  How many more core or tubes can be
installed in the standard BJ8 radiator.  For those of you who have done this
modification, how much does it cost and does it work to reduce the coolant
temperature?  I would rather not install an aluminum radiator because they
do not seem to work or do not reduce the coolant temperature.


Another modification I am considering is a manifold and header blanket to
keep the heat from the exhaust from boiling the fuel in the float bowls.
Have any of you found success with this modification?



Bob Begani

BJ8 67

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