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Food for thought

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	Found this info by looking for the molecule size of synthetic oil.
Most conventional oil is about 2 microns and that is why we set our
bearing clearance at .002 to allow the oil to pass. Early machining
does not match what we have today with the close tolerances we can now
achieve...so the finer synthetic runs out. If I run Redline in my
Healey trans it ends up on the floor. Regular 30W stays in, and only
leaves a quarter size puddle. Used lots of good sealant but that wont
keep the new oils in if they are good soldiers: 

	"The main difference between synthetic motor oil and conventional
motor oil is found in their molecular structure. In a mineral oil, the
molecules come from organic, natural materials, and as we know, nature
isn't always consistent. There can sometimes be a few oddball
molecules in mineral oils. Synthetic oils [1], on the other hand, were
created by scientists in a lab. The molecules are uniform, and they
line up like good soldiers inside of your engine."  See illustration
attached- Hank

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  All I am saying is I find a lot of this hard to believe. For
example: Synthetic oil has much better cleaning properties, flows much
better than conventional oil, and hence also lubricates much better
than conventional oil. "Much better" sounds good but is not very
scientific. How much better, scientifically speaking? Just changing
oil regularly does what you are taking about & none of it has to do
with leaking unless you are counting on "sludge & gunk" to plug the
leaking holes. Good Luck! Careful rebuilding including paying close
attention to applying sealants where applicable, like bolt/screw
threads when they are in contact with the oil will make a big
difference. Re-tightening all the bolts after a break-in period will
also assist.   Gary Hodson   

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All of your observations are a factor. Here are some comments from an
article about synthetic oil leaks:     Synthetic oil WILL NOT cause
leaks. It may however make already worn-out gaskets/seals more
evident, by leaking past them, and/or cleaning any sludge and other
gunk that was sealing the existing leak. This is because Synthetic oil
has much better cleaning properties, flows much better than
conventional oil, and hence also lubricates much better than
conventional oil (This is a good thing).     I use a GL-4 synthetic
gear oil in my transmission and it leaks. Believe it not not one of
the leak mechanisms is from the interior along the bolts and drips
from the bolt head on the exterior. I am changing the gaskets on my
transmission and trying bonded sealing neoprene washers on the
fasteners.     I may be pursuing the impossible dream of a leak free
Healey.... Harold        FROM: warthodson at aol.com
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 SUBJECT: Does synthetic oil leak more?    I am not a leak expert, but
I find this hard to understand. For there to be a leak there has to be
a hole. Is it because the synthetic oil molecules are smaller than the
non-synthetic oil molecules? Given that the "holes" come in different
sizes this seems illogical. Is it because the synthetic oil is more
slippery? How is that measured? How much more slippery is it?     Gary
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 The biggest difference you will notice with synthetic gear oils is
they leak
 more than non-synthetic.        
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