[Healeys] Rear Axle Oil

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Jan 10 10:20:05 MST 2020

Short answer: Yes.

My typical long-winded reply:

I've used Redline 75W-90 in both my BJ8 and BN2 diffs for years with no 
issues, except you might get a bit more leakage, esp. if your pinion 
seal is aged (sealing the plugs with thread sealant seems to work).  A 
couple years ago I switched to RL's 75W-140 in the BJ8 to damp some 
whine--helps a little--again with no issues (might increase my 0-60 
times by 0.00001 second).

We recently had a discussion about whether it was a good idea to use 
GL-4 or GL-5 in our diffs due to their alleged hatred of 'yellow' 
metals--brass or bronze--and David Nock confirmed to me there are some 
bronze thrust washers in the diffs but neither he, with vastly more 
experience, nor I have had any issues with it.  Days spent in the 
library--OK, 5 minutes on the interwebs--produced a more-or-less 
consensus that the worst it would do is turn yellow metals black. I've 
had the RL in my BJ8 for, probably, 100K miles, and I recently rebuilt 
its gearbox that I'd run MT-90 (GL-4) in for many years and 140K miles 
and the shift forks showed no excessive wear or discoloration.


On 1/10/2020 8:55 AM, R. Lindsay wrote:
> Can I use Synthetic 75W90 gear oil in my BJ8?
> Price Lindsay
> 67 BJ8

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