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“They” say that the Distributor Doctor has the best ones. They are indeed red.

“They” also say that the junk manufacturers have cottoned on to this and started making red ones too.

Confirmed on his site:-

“I decided to make them in RED to differentiate them from the inferior black ones commonly available, and launched two sizes in the UK as a top quality, totally reliable solution in 2008. 

Like most good ideas, we’ve suffered from low grade pirated copies being sold very cheaply, so BEWARE CHEAP COPIES OF MY RED ROTOR ARMS.
As of late Spring 2012 all my genuine red rotors will bear the DD marking.

We will gladly advise customers of Bona Fide sources to eradicate this problem quickly and positively. We now have 6 part numbers available in the RED ROTOR ARMS range, which cover virtually every Lucas distributor from the mid 1930’s onwards. “

I guess you’re in the US and I guess there are reputable dealers from whom you can request a red DD rotor.

Certainly, some of the dud rotors were awful & still are for all I know.

Good luck




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Who is a good source for distributor rotors.  I recall from discussions that the best for our cars are the red ones.  I do have a Pertronix ignition.  Who makes good rotors?


Fred Wescoe 

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