[Healeys] Healey Toy Factory 100 Model

Ken Fleming ahmg at aol.com
Sun Jan 5 15:22:41 MST 2020

Nearly 18 yrs ago Charles Matthews and John Shinton of the UK produced  a 1:8 scale model of a hundred. This is probably the most detailed and sort  after model on the market with few coming to auction over the last year.  The limited production was produced as 50 BN1,50 BN2,50 100M, and 52 100S. It was pricey in its day and recent sales show them at 5 times initial cost. Options were available such as Lucas lights , mirror, and leather piping contrast was available as well as others.
Curious to know if any one on list has one and if it known how many were actually produced  by model and or total produced. They were only done by order. 
If you prefer you can respond off list as this may not be of interest to some on list. Pictures would be great if you have one.
I have reached out to Charles/John as well.

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