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If you're comfortable driving even a short distance on a deficient 
wheel, fine by me.  I'm not.  And shipping a broken wheel from, say, 
Lillocet, Canada--yes, I've driven there--to Allen Hendrix, and waiting 
for its return, is not appealing to me in the slightest (nothing against 
Lillocet).  I'm glad I didn't have tire/wheel issues when driving 
through Mexico.

I don't know how much a wheel is compromised by even one broken spoke--I 
didn't do well enough in integral calculus to calculate it--but it would 
be more significant on a 60-spoker than a 72.

On 1/4/2020 9:28 AM, Max Byers wrote:
> "A few broken spokes in 106,000 miles is pretty good, I think.  How many people besides you and me put that kind of mileage on their Healey now, Bob?  And some of those broken spokes were in the days before Allen Hendrix was truing and balancing my wheels.
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> Hmmmmm.  To me 'a few broken spokes' and 'more than adequate' is a
> contradiction in terms.
> On 1/4/2020 7:54 AM, Max Byers wrote:
>> Bruce, here is my input:
>> I do not know anything about Dunlop/Moss wheels.  I bought five 60-spoke 15x4.5 Dayton chrome wheels with stainless spokes from British Wire Wheel in 1991, and they are still on my BJ8 with 106,000 miles on them now.  I've had a few broken spokes over the years, but fortunately I am relatively close to Allen Hendrix.  He keeps them trued and balanced whenever I need replacement spokes or new tires.
>> It is only my personal opinion and preference, but while 72 spoke wheels are stronger, they are also have a "busier" appearance.  My experience with the 60-spokers tells me that they are more than adequate.
>> I have always used 165 x 15 tires, again personal preference.  As to which brand, I use whichever tire is available to Hendrix Wire Wheel.  At one point it was Kumhos, and I really liked those tires.  They were not available at my last tire change, so I currently have Nexens.  So far, with 5 years and 10,000 miles on them they are also proving to be a very good tire.
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