[Healeys] [OT] Australian Fires

Patrick & Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
Fri Jan 3 16:41:10 MST 2020



Yes it is terrible and it’s been going on since the end of September. The fire threatening our area was started by lightening half way through October and is now over 2,200 square miles.


Just in my state of New South Wales over 1,300 homes have been lost and it isn’t over. Sadly quite a number of people have lost their lives and many hundreds of thousands have been evacuated to safer areas.


Today it’s forecast to be 45C or 113F with strong winds. A very dangerous combination.


As far as I know none of our cars have been lost, unlike some years back when a Healey Silverstone and Elliott were burnt. 


We moved the Healey Duncan and BN3 to safer places before Christmas and then we moved ourselves for five days. When we got back the firefighters (amazing people) told us that the fire came within 500 metres of our home when the wind changed. Since then the firefighters have been backburning so that today we feel safe enough to stay. 


In total our everyday car has been packed and unpacked three times. Currently unpacked and certainly don’t want to pack it again.


Attached is a photo of the BN3 being taken away.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains



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Indeed.  Terrible devastation, not unfamiliar to Californians.  We had a close call a few months back here in north Orange County, and of course Steven Kingsbury lost everything in the Paradise fire.


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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Well said,

 The fires and destruction has been on my mind for days and I have meant to send out an email. I hope all are safe and these fires end soon.

Ira Erbs


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Almost hourly we're getting worse news about the terrible fires raging 
in southern Australia.  Of course, there's nothing we can do from here 
but hope for the best for our Aussie Healey brethren, and all Aussies, 
really.  Over the years, I've found the Australians to be some of the 
most enthusiastic Healey lovers--Larry, Chris, Mark, the Kilmartins and 
others I can't think of offhand--and are always helpful (and pretty damn 
funny to boot).

As a Californian, though not directly affected by our recent 
wildfires--except for particularly bad air--I can, at least, try to 
relate at keep you all in my thoughts.  Be safe.

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