[Healeys] Jeff Johnk's article on Oil Pumps

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Fri Jan 3 00:32:49 MST 2020

Ok, guys lets not get carried away. Firstly my 3000 MK1 was originally 
fitted with the rotary pump, so how is it a 100/6 pump that was quickly 
discontinued? Why does it seems every current Healey owner seem to think 
they need to use race engine principals in a car that most likely they 
will just take out for a cruise and coffee? I respect Jeff Johnk for his 
efforts with race engines and met him a few years ago in Australia. Nice 
guy. I did work with Dave Woodhouse and Max Cooper quite a lot during 
the development of the DMD alloy engine! Firstly there were problems 
with the race camshaft oil pump drive gears that were made in Queensland 
and sold by DMD in the early days. However that is probably not the 
whole problem. Yes the rotary pump produces more oil, so due to spring 
gain in the relief valve it will produce more oil pressure using a 
standard spring. Dave Woodhouse at DMD suggested and supplied me with a 
new old stock set of rotary gears for my BT7 pump as the best option for 
my road engine as I would get better oil pressure in that engine. The 
age old standard is that your engine should supply 10 PSI oil pressure 
per 1000 RPM, so that was fine by me. Yes lubrication to the drive gear 
on the cam is no where as good as it is in the Healey 100 engine, but I 
doubt it is an issue to any owner that has a road car. If you look at 
the two designs the spur gear pump was cheaper to produce, but suffer 
much more wear than the rotary pumps, so from Austin's perspective why 
use the more expensive pump when the Healey end was telling you they 
caused problems at sustained high RPM. So go your own way and enjoy it :)


Larry Varley

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