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Thu Jan 2 13:36:45 MST 2020

Many of us overthink and obsess over things that mzy not be an issue, but
we want working or looking right. I spent a month working on a stuck open
water valve, i may never shut off, but wanted it working. I now open and
close it regularly to keep it from seizing again. Nothing to get over if we
have the means and ability to fix it.

Ira Erbs
1959 Austin Healey BN4
1967 MGB

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020, 9:20 AM Michael Oritt <michael.oritt at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am just back from measuring and the car is in fact low on the left *both
> back AND front *(as many of you predicted) by between 3/8" to 1/2" (+/-
> 1/16").
> The actual ground clearance measurements from the concrete floor to the
> points of intersection of the transverse cross-members and the chassis
> rails--within the tolerances of a 4' spirit level and a steel tape--are:
> Front left: 6-1/8" . Front right: 6-5/8"
> Rear left: 7-0" Rear right: 7-3/8"
> I don't know the source of the fore and aft rake but I really cannot
> notice it and in any case it does not bother me. The lean to the left does
> disturb me esthetically, and btw it is probably a bit greater when I am on
> board. However, given the tolerances of parts for our cars, etc. I wonder
> if it is worth doing anything or, in the words of Mick Mulvaney, should I
> just get over it?
> Best--Michael Oritt
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