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richard mayor boyracer466 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 16:43:46 MST 2020

We racers have known about the dangers of using the rotor style pumps for
decades. I personally know more than half a dozen racers who destroyed
their camshafts using high volume oil pumps back in the 90s - including me.
I lost two camshafts!  Jeff Johnk built a test bed, did extensive testing
of more than 50 hours on both style pumps, and wrote an exhaustive article
that appeared in the May, 1998, issue of Chatter, entitled Pumped Up For
I suggest than anyone who is thinking about using a rotor style pump read
this article first.
Think about this for a minute. The rotor style pump caused problems in the
2.6 liter 100/6 motors. Austin changed to a gear style pump a month or so
into the production of the 2.9 liter 3000 motors and the problems went
away. Why would anyone want to use a 100/6 oil pump?
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