[Healeys] Ride height

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Jan 1 14:32:21 MST 2020

If the ride height on both sides at the front is the same, the right 
height left/right at the rear should be the same as well. If not the 
frame is twisted or more likely the measurement may be taken from the 
edge of the wing cut-outs to the floor. The latter is unreliable as the 
wings may not be the original ones and anyway even if they are original 
there were very likely differences left/right from the day the car left 
the factory. One really should take measurements on a totally flat and 
even surface (concrete floor) to the same chassis points left and right. 
Even than you have to find out the tolerances for the chassis measurements.

Perhaps the chassis  may be only elastically deformed, as the A-H 
chassis is not very stiff, caused by one bad spring in which case _both_ 
springs at the rear should be replaced.

If less than 15mm and no broken leaves I would not worry to much.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 1-1-2020 om 20:00 schreef Michael Oritt:
> My 100 is suffering from "Bachelor's Lean":  the left rear ride height 
> is lower by about 1/2" (the front is fine).
> Short of getting new springs or having the present left spring 
> re-arched is there any way to cure this?
> Also, what is the thinking on this method of re-arching:
> https://www.mgexp.com/forum/mgb-and-...twist.3263558/ 
> <https://www.mgexp.com/forum/mgb-and-gt-forum.1/batchelor-lean-fixed-and-a-twist.3263558/>
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