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Have you checked against a calibrated gauge (or had your own 
adjusted/calibrated)?  My BJ8 showed zero pressure at idle when I bought 
it, but having the safety gauge adjusted 'added' 15-20psi at idle.


On 1/1/2020 10:27 AM, John Spaur wrote:
> My '62 BT7 has a stock oil pump and the indicated oil pressure always reads very low, 20 psi if I recall correctly, when the engine is up to operating temperature. I think this has been an issue with the car and a discussion topic for eons. I have never experienced a problem or issue with the oil pressure or the value stated on the gauge. Are people experiencing engine issues because of this?
> John Spaur
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> As a matter of interest the rotary oil pump is from the Austin A70 2.2 litre engine, same rotor. Then when the 2.6 litre engine was produced for the Healey 100 Austin changed the pumps to the gear type. Probably because the gear type pumps less oil and they knew the cars would be revved harder. In an A70 and 100 engine the rotary pump will produce up to 80 PSI oil pressure and around 3000 engine revs, where the gear pump will produce about 60 PSI with the same bypass spring. This shows the rotary pump has a far greater output. Austin may have changed the pump running speed when they fitted the rotary pump to the six cylinder cars, I don't know. Austin A70's have no problem with 80 PSI oil pressure, but then we all know the 6 cylinder engine was an inferior design   :)) Cheers Larry Varley _______________________________________________

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