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I saw that car online a few months back and I’m afraid it’s not one a BN3, missing or not.


Look closely at the footwells and you will see that they are 100/6 or 3000. Yes it does have a centre shift box and a much later 3000 engine.


My car is BN3/1 and it is also the first 2+2 while BN3/4 has been restored and is in the Healey Museum in the Netherlands. BN3/4 while nine inches longer is not a 2+2, but is a very interesting car with a de Dion rear end and front suspension attached to a sub-frame. BN3/1 is built on a pre-production chassis and is fitted with standard 100 panels including bonnet albeit with louvres. 


Logic tells me that if there is a BN3/1 and a BN3/4, there is likely to be a BN3/2 and BN3/3, but neither has never surfaced.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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There is some mystery here, if this is not just a stuffed 100 with later six. Sitting off to the side in one of the photos is a 6-cylinder bonnet, so this engine could have come from another 100-6/3000 in their garage.

However, there were 4 BN3s produced. Patrick Quinn has BN3/1.   History says, BN3/4 is in England, unrestored. All four cars were RHD.  BN3/2 and BN3/3 are missing. So is the nomenclature on this vehicle.

Also the radiator was moved forward  on the model to make room for the longer block. The 100 louvered bonnet is strange on this car, as on the other BN3s, a longer bonnet was created-and they were 4 seaters. This cars' radiator appears to be under the bonnet more than found on standard 100s.

Another questionable item is the center shift gearbox shown in one of the photos. It should probably be a side shifter.

You would have to start by removing all the leaves and sort thru the car to see if a shade tree modification had been done or if it looked more professional. We then might find the answer.

Never-the-less an interesting concept...adds to the Healey lore.  Hank


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Had me going for a moment



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Looks like there is a RHD BN3 for sale on ebay:

eBay item number:


Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Located in Richmond VA. and equipped with a six cylinder and lots of leaves.  Hank, healeyhelper.com


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