[Healeys] Michelin 180/ R15 XAS tires Fill up the wheel well too much and rub on late 67 BJ8

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I put a set of Vreidestein 185 HR15s on my BN1 and had no trouble with clearance in the rear, but the fronts both rubbed on the upper wheel openings. The taller tires were a big help with ground clearance, but I had to go smaller because of the smaller wheel openings on the BN1. I sold those tires to after dinner for his Mk II  Jaguar and bought 175-70R 15s. I should have gone with 165-HR 15s instead, but these will do for the time being.
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My friend the machinist, rigger, etc. came over this morning to help me measure the centering of the differential/axel and found everything within 1/8th of an inch. In addition, we inspected the bushings on the radius arm,  which controls the fore and aft motion of the axel (the Panhard controls the side to side motion),  and everything else. All are solid.   Eventhough the radius arm bolts sticking out into the wheels are not rubbing the tires, I will cut of the heads of the bolts and glue a plastic/rubber cap over them.  The only rubbing is the edge of the dogleg on the right hand side, so I will be careful not to make hard left turns until I discuss rolling the edge of the dogleg with a body repair expert.  There are a few items that need touching up and paint on the body 30 years after the on frame restoration.

In addition, I was questioning the tire pressure and asked long stone tyres in the U.K. where I bought the tires   there response: In terms of pressure, I think you are in the ball park with 30psi, I would have no problem with you going up a bit from there but wouldn’t recommend any more than 36-38.

Regarding the rubbing, It is an issue we come across from time to time as all these cars are virtually hand built and many have had work done over the years, I don’t know them well enough but is possible to adjust where the axle sits, ie move it slightly to the other side?

I found the right rear tire was actually only 28 psi so I will increase the pressure to 32 Psi on all wheels and drive the car for another hundred miles or more to see what happens.

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Bob Begani

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The panhard bar is there to keep the rear axle centered  when cornering. Check your panhard bar bushings. I put the Michelin 180 XAS tires on my BT7 last Spring and I drove it all summer with no rubbing. Even entered the All British Field Meet autocross at PIR in September. Drove the car really hard and took first place. No rubbing.

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